Iko Uwais: Silat Go International

Halo! oichidan disini. Temanku ada yang nitip posting biografi Iko Uwais untuk tugas Bahasa Indonesianya. Setelah dibaca, biografinya menarik juga, jadi why not? Iko Uwais, siapa yang tak tahu? Sang pesilat yang berhasil menjilat mata para penikmat layar lebar di dunia dengan jurus-jurus silatnya, beraksi di layar kaca maupun layar lebar, dan mengharumkan nama bangsa dan negara kita. Seperti apa sih kisah hidupnya? :3


Bincang Sosiologi: Tipe-Tipe Kepribadian

Halo! oichidan disini.

Dalam sebuah posting yang diterbitkan oleh akun resmi LINE@ Bincang Sosiologi, mereka membahas tentang tipe-tipe kepribadian dan penyimpangan sosial. Di akhir posting yang diterbitkan, terdapat beberapa pertanyaan menarik yang dilontarkan oleh penulis posting sebagai media untuk memancing materi untuk bahan diskusi.



Before reading this story further, I'd like to thank you for reading my fiction stories :) To understand what's going on, it's a good idea to read Hamdi's story first, which can be read here. Thanks, and enjoy!

It was a bright and sunny day at Al’s home, yet it was a cloudy day for Al’s heart. In his room, upstairs of the two-story home, Al sat down on the carpet. He picked his small, side-bag that he usually wore along with his backpack. He opened the bag.

He scanned through the insides. There was many blank sheets of A6-sized paper, a journal notebook, three pens and a pocket camera.

“… Alright, all in. Now I’d have to write–”

Hamdi and Koalon made their way to Al’s room. They caught Al sitting alone, looking into his side bag. It was May and they were in vacation, since school and college was off until September 1, but Al wore his usual attires as well as his stone kendama on his side, as if he was going somewhere.

“Hamdi. Koalon. Wow, rather unexpected visit I’d say.” Al greeted them, closing his side bag and wearing it. “What can I do for today?” He rose to his feet.

They walked further inside. Koalon closed the door. “Are you going somewhere?” Hamdi asked. “Why’d you bring a kendama with you for a leisure walk?”

“Nah, it’s not something big, I assure you. Simply go out for a walk.” Al tried feigning a smile he usually showed. “Besides, I’d have to keep myself protected–in this realm of everything possible, who knows I might be cornered by an army of zombies or something when I’m walking around?”

As he spoke, Koalon looked through him in detail, sharpened eyes. “Al, are you planning to deceive us?”

“He? What’d you mean?”

“Mayhap you forgot that I can read minds.”

Al, cornered, put on a rather honest smile and slapped his forehead. “Oh, dang! I forgot that. Haha… Well, you got me now. Guess I’d have to show you then.”



Hello! oichidan here. I'd love to thank you for reading this short fiction I've written. Enjoy :)

In a world where reality and fiction had merged, many of the imaginary now ceased to be fictitious. From magic to advanced science, the world had never been so wondrous. The barrier that spanned between reality and fiction disappeared around one year before.

At the time, there lived a boy with the name of Hamdi. He became an orphan when a powerful demon lord kidnapped his parents in a search for dinner souls.

Hamdi, enraged, decided to make for the castle himself. He inquired sources from nearby words regarding the castle’s location. To his joy, an adventurer sketched him the map of a castle most suspected to belong to the demon lord that kidnapped Hamdi’s parents.

Then he embarked on a journey with haste.